4 Common Sewer Problems That A Sewer Camera Inspecion Can Help Fix

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A common occurrence in homes is sewer problems and they can be annoying and frustrating. They are quite expensive when it comes to fixing them and It is even more difficult to fix them because it is hard identifying the problem causing the issue in the first place. Most often times, quack plumbers will want to take advantage of this by quoting exuberant prices for you for a problem that may not exist or one they cannot see.

A sewer camera makes life easy for you and saves you from such swindling acts. With a sewer camera inspection, you can be assured of identifying the problem in your sewer and administer the right fix.

Clogged Pipes

One of the most occurring problems homeowners face as regards their sewer is a clogged pipe. While it sounds easy to just poke a hole in the blockage or simply shake the clog, neither fixes the problem.

But with a sewer camera, you can properly inspect the clog and see what led to it and this will give you ways of understanding how to prevent it from happening again. Also, with the aid of a sewer line camera inspection, providing the best solution for you becomes easy for your plumber as they can easily identify what the pipe needs and the best solution to administer.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are another common cause of damaged pipes. Roots usually seek water for their growth and they normally follow the line of water irrespective of their location. So it is very common to find tree roots in underground pipes wreaking havoc on your plumbing system. Without an aid to see this problem, you might engage in an excavation which may be too expensive for you.

The minute and flexible nature of the sewer line camera, allows it to fit into the sewer system perfectly, giving you a clear vision of the tree roots damaging your pipes. With this visual aid, your plumber can infer the right solution for any damage caused.

Old, leaking, or Enlarged pipes

Pipes can allow debris and dirt to gather especially when they descend and become bellied. Also, wastewater and sewage can easily spread from your pipes especially if the seals positioned between pipes are broken. In addition to that, old pipes often degrade and corrode with age leaving you with additional pipe problems.

All these issues can easily be identified by a sewer camera inspection. With this, your plumber will be able to easily identify the problem and provide accurate solutions for it.

Collapsed or Broken sewer pipes

Pipes do collapse and when they do, it becomes a serious problem more than what a clog or a tree root may cause.

A sewer line camera can help you to easily identify what's wrong without putting your pipes to further risks.

A sewer camera inspection can save upon thousands of cash. It is tiny but, in every way, effective. It can easily go into your pipes and show you the problem. Always utilize a sewer camera inspection before you order for any sewer repair or excavation.

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How to Remove Tree Roots from Your Sewer Line

You might notice that your bathtubs and toilets drain slowly. Aside from the slow drainage, a gurgling sound can also be heard from them. If this is the case, it might be because the tree roots on your backyard are blocking the way of your drainage pipes. If you leave it alone, the problem can worsen and you might be left with a thousand dollar repair that takes a long time to complete.

The Sewer Lines Can Attract the Tree Roots on Your Backyard

You might not believe it but even if there are unsightly things that are traveling inside your sewer pipes, the roots of the trees are naturally attracted to them. Aside from water, the pipes can also emanate oxygen and excess nutrients that can support the trees around your house. This is why you might see tree roots bundling themselves on your pipes and destroying these pipelines in the process.

Some of the pipes can give cracks where the vapors escape to the cool soil. The tree roots will tend to creep over the moisture and the nutrients. Some of them can, unfortunately, force their way inside your pipes causing drainage problems. The roots can also serve as a filter to everything that travels through your pipes slowing the drains inside your bathtubs, washing machines, and sinks. If you let the debris accumulate, the pipes can collapse due to the pressure and you may face costly repairs in the future.

What You Can Do

If you are wondering what to do, here are some of them:

1. Drain Rock Salt

Rock salt can be a combination of copper sulfate and sodium chloride. You just need to drain the solution in your toilet. The solution will not just kill the roots, it will also clean your bowl. You can repeat the process until you have drained approximately 2 pounds of salt. The salt can absorb water inside the tree roots and it removes the roots’ moisture. You can do this twice a month. However, just make sure that you don’t use too much as you might accidentally kill the entire trees in your neighborhood.

2. Foaming Root Killers

There are foaming root killers that are ideal for your sewer pipes. These killers have herbicides mixed to them and they can leave a residue that prevents the roots from creeping back to your pipes. Like with the rock salt, you can also flush the foaming root killer inside your toilet bowls. This can be repeated ten times a year especially if you notice that your drain is starting to have problems.

Aside from the two mentioned above, there are a lot of other DIY methods that you can use in order to free your sewer pipes from tree roots. However, if you know that the problem is too big to handle, you can always call a sewer pipe specialist or a plumber for help. They can remove the problem for you in no time and you can save a lot of time and effort in the process.

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Installing Sewer Pipes but Having Difficulties Because of Tree Roots

Tree roots can be one of the major problems you may encounter if you have sewer pipes. If you are looking for a solution on how to make win the underground battle between sewer pipes and tree roots, then you are on the right page.

It is no secret that old oaks and other trees can make your home beautiful. Trees can improve the scenery especially when colorful flowers begin to bloom especially at springtime. However, there’s a disadvantage when it comes to tree roots that you need to watch out for.

Your sewer is also a very important part of your home. They are important for obvious reasons. If you have installed your pipes directly to a place where the tree roots are, the roots can be a problem, especially in the long run.

Here are Some Reasons Why Roots and Sewer Pipes Have Underground Battles

1. There’s a Natural Attraction Going On – The nutrients and the water flowing inside your sewer pipes naturally attract the underground roots of a tree. The sewers even have tiny cracks that release vapors underground. As a result, the tree roots can form into clumps and can be the main cause of damages to the pipes.

2. Slower Drain Times - You might try to flush your toilet but notice that it takes ages before it goes down the drain. There might be a gurgling sound from the water sources. If this is the case, check if the nearby trees have developed underground roots near your pipes. Gurgling sounds are one of the main indications that the roots have met with the underground pipes installed on your property. You may want to fix this problem early on because you might have to deal with extensive and expensive damage later on if you just let it.

3. The Roots Have Developed an Overgrowth – Most of the county laws state that homeowners are the ones responsible for municipal pipes running near their homes. These so-called “lateral” pipes should be maintained carefully. In order to make sure that tree roots did not develop near the pipes, you can use the help of a sewer line specialist to check your drains for a very affordable price. You can also try the following DIY solution which is to flush a half cup of copper sulfate solution down the drain. This can be harsh for the tree roots but it will not damage the entire tree.

Call a Specialist Today

Most of the time, you can call a sewer line specialist to help you diagnose the problem. They can remove any clogged parts of the pipe through chemicals. They can also reroute or replaced damaged pipes. You may want to invest in a sewer pipe that can’t easily be penetrated by roots. Now that you know the things that are happening underground, you may want to do a DIY or opt to call a professional to solve your pipe problems. It can also be a win-win situation if pipes and trees can co-exist with each other.

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