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One of the common occurrences in homes is leaks. They always happen even when you least expect. Despite their common occurrence, there are preventive measures you can use to limit the chances of plumbing leaks. Apart from poor installation and substandard materials, leaks are often as the result of worn out materials over time. With that in mind, keeping your pipes healthy and clean consistently, is an act that you have to take in order to prevent plumbing leaks from happening. Below, are some of the simple preventive strategies you can implement

Don't use hard water

Most persons live in hard water areas that expose their pipes to so much risk of damage. Hard water is composed of calcium and magnesium which upon build up in your pipe systems for a period of time can eat up joints and fittings and also increase the pressure on your pipe as well as reduce the outflow coming out from them. Persons who are not sure of the state of their water can easily look out for signs and giveaways. The most common signs of hard water are the presence of stains and a buildup of white substances in containers, buckets, cups and other places the water ends up in. Also, you can check the shower head or grout in and around the kitchen sink or the aforementioned signs. Having hard water in your plumbing system isn't the end of the world, there are ways you can redeem the situation. There are several water softeners you can get from your local store. Just before you go out to buy, make sure you have the right fit depending on the extent of hard water as well as the water capacity of your house. Better still, you can employ the services of a seasoned plumber to help you instead.

Reduce Your water pressure

Lowering water pressure is not what people like to do but it can come in handy when it comes to saving your pipes. Yes, your dishes will take extra time to rinse, your shower won't run as before and other things as well, but the simple act of lowering your water pressure means you are saving your faucets, joints, pipes, and valves from undue stress. Checking your water pressure is something you can easily do without putting a call through to your plumber

First thing is to purchase a water pressure gauge from the local hardware stores. Hook it into any of the threaded faucets in your house (you can easily find one outside or in the laundry room)

Tightly screw the water gauge onto the mouth of the faucet.

Turn on the water and read the values displayed on the gauge

If the values displayed is in the range of 40 and 80 lbs. per square inch, the pressure level is normal. If the value is above this range, reduce. This reduction will reduce the tension in your pipes and limit the chances of a leak happening.

To reduce the pressure, locate the pressure regulatory meter (this is often above the water meter) and with a wrench, you turn the nut positioned at the tip of the regulator clockwise.

In as much as high water pressure is great, it does so much damage to your pipes and entire plumbing system as time goes on. Leaks can be problematic and annoying. So, save yourself from future stress and worry by getting that gauge and checking the pressure of your system. Remember, you can always call a professional plumbing service to help check the pressure level and hardness of your water if you need a second opinion. This little act can save your pipes and ensure they are working efficiently.

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With our professional performing a sewer camera inspection, we can determine the exact location and cause of leaks that you may have. Upon receiving our report, you can make an informed decision about your sewer system repair. This will help keep repair costs low.

  • Root intrusion
  • Debris blockage
  • Bellied drain line
  • Leaking pipe joints
  • Cracked sewer lateral
  • Separated lateral joint
  • Deteriorated piping materials

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