Pierre Janet Psychiatric Clinic

A patient who was to undergo psychiatric evaluation tried to escape the premises of Pierre-Janet Psychiatric Clinic but made the situation worse for everyone due to severe damage to the pipe system of the facility carrying water. The escape attempt, made around 10 pm in the night, was foiled by the authorities at the hospital but the problem of water leakage, as much as 80 liters per minutes, made it inevitable that all the patients must be shifted to another facility. About 64 patients suffering from different psychological issues were to be moved out of Pierre-Janet Clinic and 30 of them had been already shifted, confirmed by health authorities. The leakage caused by the escape attempt also caused damaged to property as archives were destroyed.

Furthermore, the damage reached to the care wards and offices of the management as well. The cleaning staff made sure that chances of people coming in contact with the harmful substances such as asbestos are kept as low as possible due to their dedicated efforts. The emergency health services are still dispensed at the facility but the officials are still in the process of evaluating the time it will take for complete repair of the hospital.

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