Problems That Can Be Solved By Repiping The House

When remodeling a house, whether to improve its value to sell it or to simply live in a better house, there are a few things that can be a significant investment. Repiping is one of those. Therefore, you should consider repiping your home to improve its economy, efficiency, quality and plumbing performance. The first signs that tell you when it is time to repipe your home are, water pressure, leaks or flooding, water conditions, noisy pipes, and, difficulty to change water temperature.

The first problem is the water pressure. It can be easily noted by observing the behavior of the water, if it is strong as it used to be or if it is fluctuating while you are using a faucet or showering. It can be caused by old or faulty pipes, thus, repiping could correct the issue. Furthermore, this sign can also lead to a second problem, which is noisy pipes, which basically is a pipe that makes noise, vibrates or bang. This type of problems can be caused by a series of problems which can cause a nuisance to your daily life or even interrupt your sleep – when caused by water pressure it can result in problems in your house appliances that use water, such as the dishwasher. Furthermore, a noisy pipe can also indicate problems with the pipe condition, loose brackets, leaks or air access.

If you noticed that your water has changed condition, such as in color, smell or taste, you should check the condition of the pipe itself because it may indicate a pipe corrosion, damage or deterioration. Furthermore, if the condition of the pipe is already compromised, you can also note leaks, damps and even flooding on your house. Although flooding is a sign that your pipes condition is extremely bad, leaks can also cause damp spots or even small flooding, thus creating the perfect environment for mold or pests. Furthermore, considering the seriousness of these two problems, it can only be solved by repiping your house because it indicates that the pipes have failed and, thus, cannot be restored.

Another problem that can occur is the difficulty to change the water temperature or the delay for hot water to be delivered. Although this problem is usually common in old houses, it can also happen if the pipe is damaged. Furthermore, this problem can be noticed when the hot water is taking too long to be delivered to the faucet or when it reacts wildly to the smallest turns of the faucet. Although it can be considered a minor problem, it can lead to the noisy pipe problem if the house in question has copper pipes. With that said, copper pipes have the capacity to expand when exposed to hot water and, thus, can create noise by rubbing against the internal structure of the house. The noise problem can be solved by controlling the temperature of the house, however, if combined with the difficulty to change the water temperature, it can be quite troublesome for those who cannot deal with the disturbance. Therefore, it is also advisable to repipe the house to prevent these troubles from happening.

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