Should I shut off my water before going on vacation

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That is the question on everybody's lip as the summer approaches and the holiday in sight. Nobody wants to come home to a flooded home or a plumbing emergency. It, therefore, begs the pertinent question Should I shut off my water before going on vacation?

Potential risk of water damage

Meeting a flooded house after your vacation trip isn't something you expect, but it might happen, after all, you are leaving your home without any supervision and unattended to for a long period of time. So, there is every possibility that a leak might occur most especially if your water is running under intense pressure through your pipes. There are too many things that could go wrong whilst you are away and you wouldn't want to meet a flooded house.

Turn off your water supply

Before stepping out for that long-deserved holiday, turn off your main water supply. This is a smart decision that could save you from unexpected water damages while you are away. Even if you would be out for a couple of days, it is important that you shut off the water supply.

How to shut off your mains water supply

To eliminate the chances of plumbing damages and emergencies while you are on vacation, simply shut off your mains water valve so as to stop the incoming flow of water into your pipes. Depending on the house, the mains water supply valve may be located in a number of locations such as a basement, your concrete slab, outside your house or crawl space. It's important you know the position of the mains. Knowing the location will come in handy not just when you are about leaving for vacation, but also should there be a case of a plumbing emergency whilst you are even at home. There should be a wheel control for the lever handle on your mains water supply valve (that's how you would know it). To turn it off, place your hand on the valve and move it to the "closed position" (if the handle is a lever, turn It perpendicular to the pipe, if the handle is round, turn it in a clockwise direction).

If you find it difficult to locate the position of your mains water supply or you don't really know to turn it off, ask for the services of a plumber to show you how you can go about it.

Additional actions to take

Shutting down your mains isn't the only thing you can do, you can also implement other actions to in order to protect your plumbing while you are away

If your holiday is during the winter, in addition to turning off your mains supply, you should also drain all the water from your pipes and entire plumbing system. This is to prevent pipes from bursting and cracking due to the freezing and expansion of water.

Thoroughly check supply lines leading to your outlets and other appliances before you heard out. If you notice any damaged or leaky lines, have them replaced and repaired before you head out for your holiday

Test to see if your sump pump is operational and plugged in to avoid meeting a sewage flood on your return.

Inspect your gutters for dirt, debris and leaf build-up to ensure a smooth drainage and prevent any flooding to the lower parts of your house like the basement in the event that it rains heavily.

Shutting off your mains water supply Before heading out for a holiday trip can save your home from damages. If you require assistance in locating the position of your mains supply or you need a guide on how to go about shutting your mains supply off, call a plumber you can trust.

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